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Department of Business and Economics

Project seminar Soziale Sicherung (Social Security)

The project seminar serves to prepare for the master thesis.

Module: Master (Economics) / Öffentliche Finanzen VI
Lecturers: Anna Krumme
Credits: 4 SWS / 7.5 CP
Type of event: Seminar
Language: German (However, you can write your seminar paper in English if you wish.)
Date and place: Thursday, 2pm to 4pm  (t.b.a.)
Start: 06.04.
Exam: Graded seminar paper

The participants choose one of the seven topics as the topic of the seminar paper as well as additionally one of the listed studies on which the seminar paper should particularly focus.

In the seminar paper, a rough overview of the problem areas and the research questions in the chosen topic area should then be given in about 15 pages. Finally, the chosen paper is to be discussed and classified. Details will follow at the start of the semester.

You can find further information here.