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Department of Business and Economics
Bachelor / Master


We offer Bachelor and Master Theses in one of the following areas:

- Health economics (e.g., efficiency of health care markets, e.g., do physicians make the right treatment decisions; effects of informal care; effects of sleep on mental and physical performance)

- Economics of education (e.g., returns to education such as the effect of high school graduation on wages, cognitive skills, or health; effects of educational expansion; teacher influence on learning levels)

- Labor economics (determinants of labor wages, e.g., experience, education, the size of the firm, the size of the local labor market; determinants of labor supply decisions)

- Family economics (determinants of fertility decisions).

If you do not have a well-developed research question, we will help you to develop your ideas into a research question. You are welcome to propose topics from a general area of applied microeconomics.

In Bachelor Theses, we encourage you to conduct your own small empirical analyses of individual data provided by us. In Master Theses, empirical evaluations (also with micro data), if possible with the aim of estimating causal effects, are obligatory. As long as you are motivated to work on your own empirical projects, a lack of practical experience is not a disadvantage for empirical work.

Appropriate data sets for empirical theses: 

We accept requests for final papers at any time of the year.


Finally, here is a list of current and past theses: 

  • „Compulsory schooling and cognitive abilities in old age in Europe--An empirical analysis using the SHARE data“ (Masterarbeit)
  • „Der langfristige Effekt von informeller Pflege auf das Arbeitsangebot und die Löhne – eine empirische Analyse mit administrativen Rentendaten“ (Masterarbeit)
  • „Allokative Ineffizienzen im Gesundheitswesen – Eine ökonomische Analyse am Beispiel von Herzinfarktbehandlungen“ (Masterarbeit)